Hear Colours present Face:On, an interactive art installation

incorporating a 3D face powered by cutting edge 3D graphic and video content, and thermal imaging and laser sensors for audience interaction.

The Face has been carefully developed through extensive research and computer aided design to be a generic average of sexes and different ethnicities.

The current version uses a 3D engine for live rendering of interactive animations in response to audience movements which are being tracked by thermal imaging cameras.

When not being used interactively Face:On can be utilised as a normal screen and indeed 4 of them were used on Duran Duran's recent 'All You Need Is Now' tour. Face:On has also been used by Microsoft, Thomson Reuters and the Royal Festival Hall.


Should this installation or technology interest you Hear Colours have extensive experience in production and are happy to discuss how to implement any ideas you may have. Please contact us for more information and rental terms.

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