3D sculpture projection

Technology Application

This technology has huge potential in the commercial, performance and artistic arenas.

Having mastered arguably the most difficult 3D surface - the human face - other shapes and surfaces become a much easier prospect and we present a few simple examples here. In addition to creating 3D surfaces of virtually any shape, Hear Colours can also create dynamic tailored content. This may be video, 3D animation or a combination of both.

In addition interactivity can be added with the use of thermal imaging technology or laser sensors to track audience movements. Our 3D engine can be programmed for live rendering of animations in reaction to these movements.

Advertising and Product Placement

In a world of advertising overload the public have an increasing tendency to blank out all but the most grabbing or innovatively presented messages.

In the area of advertising and product placement this kind of installation has a stunning novelty "never seen this kind of thing before" effect and grabs and holds attention in any environment, be it a trade fair, a department store window, or outdoor advertising. Aside from the novelty of a 3D luminous object, the projected content can be constantly changed to keep it fresh and stimulating.

Performance and Product Placement

Hear Colours have extensive experience in creating and installing installations at live music venues and retail shopfronts such as Niketown and Banana Republic. 3D installations and content can be tailored to match a particular theme such as a festival or the particular artist playing. The Installations can also be designed to combine the former with some product placement.

For example, for a festival sponsored by a beer company we could suspend two 3D beer bottle screens (matching the exact design of the beer company┬╣s bottles) above the crowd on either side of the stage. Aside from creating the beer bottle in this screen, we could have the label section periodically change to show the festival logo or a live video feed from the stage or the crowd. The bottle could rotate, have bubbles or a person swimming through it, or be enveloped by a collage of colours and effects - the possibilities are limitless.

Hear Colours has extensive experience in production and can augment such installations with other projection, lighting, lasers and screens for a more comprehensive visual solution if desired.

If you feel this technology may have potential in your business or project be it commercial, performance, artistic or other, we would be very happy to sit down and discuss any ideas you may have.